Tajpur Estate
list of books for reference

1. District Gazetteer of Sambal District – 1904 and 1926.

2. Bijnor a Gazetteer Volume xiv of the district Gazetteers of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh by H R Nevill, I.C.S, F.R.G.S, F.S.S, M.R.A.S – 1908 (Page 95)

3. Report and Minutes North India conference Methodist Episcopal Church - 1903 [ 776344] Methodist Publishing House, Lucknow (Page 110

4. The Imperial Gazetteer of India Vol xxiii Singhbhum to Trashi – Chod – Zong (Page – 206)

5. Imperial Gazetteer of India Provincial Series United Province of Agra and Oudh vol – 1 the Provinces; Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, Canals, and Historic Areas; the Meerut, Agra and Bareilly Divisions (page – 518)

6. Imperial Gazetteer United Provinces, Bareilly Division (Page – 41)

7. Manual of Titles, Corrected on 30 September, 1931

8. History of the *Bijnor* Rebellion (1858), Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan.

9. District Gazetteer of United Province of Agra and Oundh, Supplementary note and statistics up to 1931-32 to volume xiii (d), 1934

10. Report on the assessment of a part of Bijnor District by AT Holme: Allahabad-1904

11. Imperial Gazetteer Provincial Series Rohilkhand Division Allahabad – 1905.

12. District Gazetteer of Agra and Oudh. (Supplementary notes and Statistics up to 1931-32, Volume XIV(D) Allahabad-1935.

13. Ain-I-Akbari, Vol-II, English translated by HS Jarret and Annotated by JN Sarkar (Calcutta-1949) Page 294- to 297

14. Book of India. (Page No 504)


Note: The Reference of the Tajpur Estate and Taga Caste (Tyagi) to which they belong can be found in many Books, District Gazetteers and other documents pertaining to the History of Bijnor District. Here only very few refences are quoted for reference.