tajpur state

chauwala farm afzalgarh, district bijnor, up

The Chauwala Farm was located three miles before Afzalgarh town in District Bijnor UP. This Farm was centre of all the main activities of the Tajpur family. The office of the Shikar Company, The Kumaon and Hunters Private Limited, established in 1961 was in Chauwala Farm which was of 3000 Bighas

Raja Jasjit Singh Sahib spent maximum time at this farm in Rain Basera. He along with his sons used to host people from other Royal families, Officers of District Administration, Foreign Clients and Ministers at this farm. One sugar cane crusher was also established in the farm.

tajpur farm at kirathpur

The Tajpur farm at Kirathpur is near Kalagarh. It is in the buffer zone of Jim Corbet National Park. The land here is very fertile. When Kunwar Surenderjit Singh and Kunwar Verenderjit established this farm, it was all forest and uneven land. The worked hard and made the entire farm fertile. They did not move out during peak of Militancy. Their courage was appreciated by all, thereafter other people started settling here. This farm even today attracts may wild life lovers as the wild life is in abundance. Lion, Leopard and Tigers are at times spotted here. Frequently spotted animals are Deer’s, Blue Bulls, Wild Boars, Peacocks, Hyenas, Elephants etc… There are different species of Birds in this area. Today the farm is being managed by Kunwar Inderjit Singh.

kandla farm sherkote

This farm was used for agriculture purposes and for Shikar by the Shikar company The Kumaon & Hunters Private Limited.

bhogpur farm

This farm was spread over 2800 Acres near the Bhogpur forest. The wild life was in plenty. It was used for agriculture and hunting by the clients of the Kumaon and Hunters Private Limited.

rauli farm

His farm was located near Bijnor and was used for agricultural purposes.

lal kothi farm

This farm was located in Kadrabad near Kalagarh. It was used for agricultural purposes.

tajpur harabagh

The used for agricultural purposes. It covered Ram Bagh and Pandia Farm (Birla Farm)


The latest addition of the Tajpur family has been a farm land in Chak Nechal Singh near Tanda Sahuwala, Pargana Barapur, Tehsil Nagina, District Bijnor (UP).

The land was acquired in Jan 2015. Is located hugging the Barapur Forest Range. A small farm house has been made to revive the glorious past of the Tajpur State and is named it as “TAJPUR FARM”. The main room of this farm has been made as a museum with memorable photographs of the Tajpur State and Family.

On all important family events all family members get together at the Tajpur Farm for celebrations. The Tajpur Farm is being managed by present Raja Shailendrajit Singh Sahib of Tajpur.