Kumaon and Hunter Private Limited, Tajpur Estate

(Professional Big-Game Hunters, Photographers & Shikar Outfitters)

“Kumaon and Hunter Private Limited”

Raja Jasjit Singh of Tajpur Estate established the famous Shikar Company “Kumaon and Hunters Private Limited” in 1961, which was a recognized Shikar outfitters by the Government of India. They were professional Big Game Hunters, Photographers and Shikar Outfitters and were also members of the “Indian Shikar Outfitters Association”. Here hunting was organized for clients from different countries on trained elephants. it specialized in assured hunt of Royal Bengal Tiger, Panthers, Leopard and other Small and Big games.

Aim of Shikar Company: - “Our ultimate aim is to serve brother sports men at home and abroad both poor and rich. Profit in business is not our goal. Your satisfaction is our main profit”.

The “Kumaon and Hunter Private Limited, Tajpur Estate Post Office Afzalgarh, was incorporated on Monday, 09 Oct 1961 at Registrar of Companies Kanpur. It was classified as “Non-Government Company”. Its authorized share capital was Rs 3,00,000/- and its paid-up capital was Rs 0.00. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) was U51109UP1961PTC002859. The registration number of the company was 2859. The registered location was Tajpur Estate Farm P.O. Afzalgarh, District Bijnor UP 00000IN, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. (Details taken from internet)

The “Kumaon and Hunter Private Limited”, was a private company. It is classified as company limited by shares. According to the records reported to registrar of companies in Kanpur. Its Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on and as per the records from Ministry of corporate Affairs (MCA). It is involved in wholesale on a free or contract basis (includes commission agents, commodity brokers and auctioneers and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others. Activities of self-employed auctioneers are included in 74991). Account sheet was last filed on N/A. the total paid up capital is INR 0.00. the company has no reported secured loans. (Details taken from internet)

Company Information (Details taken from internet)

a. Corporate Identification Number U51109UP1961PTC002859
b. Company Name Strike off
c. Company Status ROC Kanpur
d. Registration Number 2859
e. Company Category Company Limited by Shares
f. Company Sub Category Indian Non-Government Company
g. Class of Company Private Company
h. Whether Listed or Not Unlisted
i. Office Address Tajpur Estate Farm, P.O.Afzalgarh, Bijnor UP 000000IN, UP, INDIA
The board of directors were: -

Managing Director: -

Raja Jasjit Singh of Tajpur Estate, District Bijnor, UP.

Directors: - There were four directors in the shikar company: -

Kunwar Premraj Singh of Seohara Estate, District Bijnor, UP.

Kunwar Raghu Pratap Singh of Seohara Estate, District Bijnor, UP.

Kunwar Surenderjit Singh Of Tajpur Estate, District Bijnor, UP.

Major John Weikfield, Retd

Raja Jasjit Singh Sahib was very actively supported by his six sons who too were very good hunters in smooth functioning of the Shikar Company, they were, Raja Satenderjit Singh, Kunwar Surenderjit Singh, Kunwar Verenderjit Singh, Kunwar Snehenderjit Singh, Kunwar Mahenderjit Singh and Kunwar Shailenderjit Singh. Raja Jasjit Singh got Tigers, Leopards, Bears, Deers, Bison Head treated and preserved. He displayed these trophies in Bijai Niwas Palace at Tajpur.

The mention of “Kumaon and Hunters Private Limited” has been made in “DIRECTORY & YEAR BOOK”. The Times of India Directory amplified year book including Who’s Who. In Section Tourist Guide Page, No 19 it was mentioned “Kumaon and Hunters Pvt Ltd, Tajpur Estate Farm P.O. Afzalgarh, Bijnor, UP”. The address of the company was: -

Raja Jasjit Singh of Tajpur

Kumaon & Hunters Private Ltd

Head Office: Tajpur Estate Farms

P.O. Afzalgarh, Dist. Bijnor,

Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

feedback of senior government officials who visited the shikar company: -

a) Shri Surjit Singh Majithia, Deputy Minister for Defence, Government of India, New Delhi, October 1960.

“Rajkumar Jasjit Singh has been personally known to me. He comes of a famous aristocratic family of Tajpur, Afzalgarh, Dist, Bijnor. He is a competent and experienced hunter and knows the nature and habits of all birds and animals.

I had the pleasure of going to shikar with him.

I am sure he will be a successful Shikar Outfitter; I wish The Kumaon and Hunters

Private Ltd, every Success.

b) Shri Hafiz Mohd Ibhrahim, Governor Punjab, 28 October 1964

Rajkumar Jasjit Singh of Tajpur Estate has been known to me personally. He comes of a famous aristocratic and cultured family of Tajpur.

Rajkumar has been hunting tigers from child hood as did his father and forefathers. He is the most competent and experienced hunter of the district. Perhaps it would be not much if I say that he is one of the best in Uttar Pradesh.

I wish him and his Kumaon and Hunters every success. I am sure that this will be the best and most successful Shikar outfitters Agency of the day.

extracts from some hight commendatory letters.

Please read what various well known and prominent spokesmen from India and abroad say to us.

a) Mr. Michael A.Fanelli- 22031 Libby Road, Bedford Heights, Ohio, USA.

“I am most grateful old friend for your warm companionship and concern during the hunt and you are truly a gentleman. If you’re thinking concerning a shikar company progress and I can furnish any help, information or rates please advise and I will be obliged. Please write when you get a chance and I do wish the best of everything for you.’’

b) Mr & Mrs. Robert Alastair Mac- Leo -Roxbury, Conn, USA

“Last year in February we had the pleasure of going out on a tiger hunt in Uttar Pradesh and among the hunters was our Rajkumar Jasjit Singh of Tajpur. He was assigned to especially look after us for his jollity, diplomacy and knowledge of Tiger love. We found him a delighted host and a very efficient organizer and handler of personal, of course, his sill as a hunter is well known, possibly a hundred tigers etc. to his credit and beyond this I could recommend him too highly for organizing a hunt and looking after all the details. It was a great pleasure to meet him and have his genial company for two weeks.”

c) Ber-Leze, Private secretary to the French Ambassador.

“I have been directed to write on behalf of different members of the staff to the French Embassy who have enjoyed your hospitality. Your kindness and wonderful arrangement of the Shikar will always be a reminder of our pleasant memories of India.”

d) Lt. Col Raymond, Delegate of OFEMA in India.

“I am sure that those who approach you for your experience in the matter of hunting will be satisfied and will appreciate your kind cordiality.”

e) Mr. Richard Kilbane- 18411 Highland, Dr. Maple Hights, Ohio, USA.

“I talked to my friend and told him about my hunt and about you and your sons. He wants to plan a hunt and about you and your sons for a n enjoyable hunt. You were very concerned and worked hard. Thank you again and will write soon.”

Information Folder of Kumaon and Hunters Private Limited, The Tajpur Estate Farms P.O. Afzalgarh
  • how to approach,
  • items to be carried,
  • the duration,
  • the activities planed,
  • the weapon and equipment,
  • the clothing items required,
  • the detailed charges etc