Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh

second branch (line-2) of royal family of tajpur
originating from Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh (1857 – 1942)

Kunwar Shiam Singh was the second son of Raja Bahadur Pratap Singh Sahib, he was born on 18 June 1856. His elder brother Raja Bahadur Jagat Singh Sahib died in 1885. He succeeded as the Raja of The Tajpur on 7 December 1888. It’s not clear how the Tajpur Estate was managed between 1885 to 1888 as the records pertaining to this period are not available. Raja Shiam Singh was awarded the personal title of Raja which was made hereditary by notification No: 4 I A of 01 January 1898, that is 10 years later for his descendants of Line- 2, which passed on to his successors till 1952 when the Zamindari was abolished. Like the title of Raja was made hereditary for the descendants Raja Bahadur Pratap Singh of Line -1.

Raja Shiam Singh adopted Christianity and changed his name to Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh. His descendants from his Hindu wife followed Hinduism, whereas, the descendants from his Christian wife followed Christianity. He was a man of wide culture and of great public spirit. He put great importance on the improvement of agriculture in the United Provinces. This is mentioned in the “Book of Titles”. The British Government realized his sterling qualities of head and heart made him a Statutory Civil Servant and Honorary Magistrate. As a further recognition of his public services, he was

awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind in 1900, and elected to the Legislative Council from 1910 to 1912. Raja Shiam Singh changed the family surname from Singh to Rikh, by deed of poll on 7th February 1910. His younger brother Kunwar Shiva Nath Singh followed suit.

He enhanced the prestige of the family to greater heights. He sent his younger brother Kunwar Shiva Nath Singh to England for higher studies, who got Bar - at –law degree from Oxford University. He started practicing law in High court in Allahabad and was a highly successful lawyer.

among British Government and they considered him as one of the strongest pillars of the “RAJ”. In 1911 the British Government arranged a grand Delhi Darbar, in honor of King George – V and Queen Mary. In this Darbar only the Maharajas and Nawabs were invited. It was a great honor for both, Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh and his brother Kunwar Sylvester Norbert Shiva Nath Rikh to be invited to the Darbar personally by the then Viceroy of India Lord Harding himself. It is to be noted that there were only two invites from United Province. The other invitee was The Nawab of Rampur Estate. This shows how much Regard the British Government had for Tajpur Estate. In this year the foundation stone was laid for The Sacred Heart Church by Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh and Kunwar Sylvester Norbert Shiva Nath Rikh. This church even to this day is considered as one of the best in Northern India. It is a Roman Catholic Church with fine paintings of Jesus by Italian Painters.

Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh, though educated in England, was a man of wide culture. He had in him a great public spirit and he gave special attention to improvement of Agriculture. Under his rule from 1885 to 1942, the economic condition of his subject improved considerably. The British Government, realizing his sterling qualities of head and heart made him the member of the Provincial Service and also was honorary Magistrate of second class for the police circles of Chandpur, Bashta, Nurpur, Dhampur and Seohara. He also constructed the “Kothi Satya Niwas” on the out skirts of Raja-Ka-Tajpur, which is presently next to the bus stand in Raja-Ka-Tajpur. It’s here he used to hold the Court. One of the largest rooms in this two-storied house served as the Chapel. As a further recognition of his public services, he was awarded the converted title of ‘Kaiser – I – Hind” in 1900 and He was member of the Provincial Legislative Council 1910/1911.

Raja F.X Shiam Rikh

Family Division

In the year, 1902 the Estate was divided into three parts, in his share he received property, which was widely distributed, comprised of 25 villages and shares in five others in Pargana Bhurpur, Ten villages and one share in Nihtaur, Eight villages and one share in Dhampur, Seven villages in Bashta, Five villages in Chandpur and one village and two shares in Daranagar. A total of 56 villages and 9 shares with a revenue demand of Rupees 15,947/-.

Family Compromise of 1902

extract from report and minutes north india conference methodist episcopal church - 1903 [ 776344] methodist publishing house, lucknow

Page No 111

Raja FX Shiam Rikh received 25 villages and share in five others in Pargana Barapur, ten villages and one share in Nihtaur, Eight villages and one share in Dhampur, Seven villages in Bashta, five villages in Chandpur and one village and two shares in Daranagar. The total comprises 56 villages and nine shares, with a present revenue demand of Rs 15,917/-.

His younger brother Kunwar Sheo Nath Singh is also a Christian and for years resided in England, his property comprising 30 villages and shares in 33 others in four parganas od Dhampur tehsil and in Daranagar, Chandpur, Bashta and Afzalgarh. The total assessment being Rs 20,674/-.

Raja Jagat Singh left two sons, of whom the elder Kunwar Randheer Singh, after twelve years residence in England settled in the Ram Bagh Kothi at Tajpur. His share of the Estate consists of 14 villages and four parts in Dhampur and four parts in Dhampur and 15 villages and eight shares in Afzalgarh with a revenue demand of Rs 19,115/-. Kunwar Dig Bijai Singh his younger brother, who lives at Roshanpur near Nagina owns 19 villages in Nagina and seven villages and one share in Nihtaur paying revenue of Rs 13,257/.

Under his patronage Urdu and Hindi poetry flourished. He arranged Kavi Sammelan and Musheyas. Maulvi Masoom Ali’ Simab’ (1860 – 1926) was poet in his darbar. Masoom Ali “Simab” enriched the Urdu literature by his Urdu poems which were very popular among the masses. Maulvi Sahib was very close to Raja F.X. Shiam Rikh and he remained in contact with Raja F.X. Shiam even after he left Tajpur.

Raja F.X. Shiam Rikh, after the death of his first wife, who was a Hindu, was seriously thinking of retiring from the world and wanted to become a Franciscan Brother in the order of St. Francis of Assisi. But his religious guide Francis Romulus, advised him to remain in the world to be an example to others of his family and his subjects. Fr Romulus advised the Raja to re-marry, to which he agreed, but he desired the priest to travel along with him. On their arrival, they met the Substitute General Fr. Franchetti introduced Margaret Mary, the daughter of Mr Joseph Francis Coelho and Clara nee Saldanha. Thus, he married for the second time with Margaret Mary, hailing from Mangalore and belonging to the distinguished Coelho family. The people of Raja-Ka-Tajpur still remember her with affection as a devoted wife, a loving mother and a tender hearted generous “Rani”.

He was not the Raja as generally understood – Pompous, Haughty, Aloof and unconcerned about their subjects and squeezing the revenue from them. Whereas, he truly loved his subjects, went among them, worked for their welfare and helped them when necessity arose, this is the testimony of their subjects. His charity was not confined to the limits of Tajpur State, many deserving cases and Institutions were benefitted by him in India and Abroad, even as far as Europe. The Allahabad University has recorded his generosity on the marble stone in the Senate Hall. His most of the beneficiaries are not recorded, for he avoided publicity, He gave help quietly to humble persons and institutions. Truly, as the people around love to recall, his were the golden days and under him Tajpur Estate reached its Zenith and the Rikh family gained its highest prestige in the country as well as abroad.

extracts from bijnor a gazetteer volume xiv of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of agra and oudh by h r nevill, i.c.s, f.r.g.s, f.s.s, m.r.a.s - 1908

Page No 7

“TAJPUR ESTATE – Raja Francis Xavier Rikh is leading a retired life at Bangalore and the estate is being managed by Chaudhry Gopi Nath Singh, his sister’s son. It has been divided among his sons.”

Thus, after a most useful life, spent in the service of God and to the benefit of his subjects, this illustrious “Raja” passed away at the age of 84 years to a better life on 9 February 1941 at Bangalore where he had retired for reasons of Health. On his death the Allahabad university remained closed to honor him. His wife Rani Margaret Mary died on 23 April 1941 at the age of 56 years. They were buried in Hosur Cemetery, Bangalore.Raja Inderjit Singh (Raja Bhaiya) of line-1 of Tajpur Estate Motivated Rajkumari Nalini D. Bellagio to bring the ashes of her father along with that of Rani Margaret Mary Coelho were brought from the cemetery to the Sacred Heart Church at Tajpur. Rajkumari Nalini D. Bellagio, who lives in France on 7 November 2013 to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the Sacred heart Church at Raja-Ka-Tajpur, District Bijnor, UP.

news covered in DNA news paper, bangalore
'Ek tha Rajah': Dead king, queen rise from grave after 72 years

The 84-year-old "Raja" of Tajpur in Bijnor district in Uttar Pradesh, Rajah Francis Xavier S Rikh, and his 56-year-old wife Margaret Mary K Rikh, died in 1941 in February and April, respectively, and were buried in the Bangalore's Catholic cemetery on Berlie Street, Shanthi Nagar.

The 84-year-old 'Raja' of Tajpur in Bijnor district in Uttar Pradesh, Rajah Francis Xavier S Rikh, and his 56-year-old wife Margaret Mary K Rikh, died in 1941 in February and April, respectively, and were buried in the Bangalore's Catholic cemetery on Berlie Street, Shanthi Nagar. But on Wednesday, after 72 years, the couple's grand-daughter, Nalini D Bellaigue, now a French citizen, and who was born much after her grandparents had died, did something unique.

She had the mortal remains of her grandparents exhumed to be shifted to Raja Ka Tajpur (as it came to be known over the years) for burial in the premises of the Church of Raja Ka Tajpur, built by Raja Francis, after converting to Christianity.

The Church of Raja Ka Tajpur is celebrating its 100th anniversary on November 7, 2013, and Nalini wishes that her grandparents be buried with all religious rites within the church's premises.

Rajah Francis was born a Hindu on June 18, 1856, but converted to Christianity at a young age. He was a zamindar in Tajpur and got married to Margaret who was born on August 26, 1884.

"Rajah Francis and his younger brother, Shivnath Xavier, built the church in Tajpur in November 1913," Nalini told DNA.

However, with the abolition of the zamindari system, Rajah Francis and Margaret moved to Bangalore. They lived on Commissariat Road.

Nalini, however, is not able to verify exactly when her grandparents moved to Bangalore, but told DNA that according to her parents, Rajah Francis wanted to enjoy the then salubrious climate of Bangalore in the twilight of his life. But he died on February 9, 1941, while Margaret died on April 23 of the same year.

According to the tahsildar, north taluk division, K Gopalswamy, Nalini had approached the Church of Raja Ka Tajpur and found out that her grandparents were buried in Catholic cemetery on Berlie Street in Shanthi Nagar. She then had that verified through the ledger records before meeting Bishop of Meerut, Francis Kalist, to make a request to the Karnataka government to exhume and shift the mortal remains of her grandparents to the Church of Raja Ka Tajpur.

"I felt that my grandparents would have wished that they be buried in the church (Raja Ka Tajpur church) premises," Nalini said.

In fact, Nalini is not even sure who were present at Rajah Francis' and Margaret's burial, although someone in the know of their background had the presence of mind to inscribe "Rajah" and "Rani of Tajpur" prefixing their respective names on the coffins.

On getting an approval from the departments of home and revenue, officials along with Nalini's local representative TF Noronha and a few diggers exhumed Rajah Francis' and Margaret's mortal remains. A pearl necklace, medals and lockets of Jesus and Mary were found among their mortal remains, besides the couple's dentures which were surprisingly in good condition despite seven decades of remaining buried in the coffins.

The mortal remains of the couple were packed in a small box in two separate packages and will flown to Delhi from where Nalini has planned to shift them to Church of Raja Ka Tajpur.

Descendants of raja francis Xavier Shyam Rikh from his Hindu wife he had the following children (They remained Hindu):

a) Raja Vishwanath Rikh

b) Kunwar Triloki Nath Rikh

c) Kunwar Jaswant Rikh

d) Kunwar Madho Rikh [ Cyril Rikh]

Descendants of raja francis Xavier Shyam Rikh from his Christian wife, Rani Margret Mary Lillian, they had following children (They remained Christianity): -

a) Kunwar Shyam Mahender Rikh

b) Rajkumari Luci Rikh

c) Rajkumari Dorothy Rikh

d) Rajkumari Theresa Rikh

e) Rajkumari Mary Mathias Rikh

f) Adopted Son: - Father PS Sinha

the satya niwas Kothi

“Sat Niwas Kothi” the abode of truth, was built by Raja FX Shiam Rikh. After the Raja adopted Christianity, Fr Romulus opened a mission in 1903 in a magnificent Kothi on the outskirts of Tajpur. The Chapel were regularly held here before the Sacred heart Church was built. A portion of this Kothi was also used as a court room when he was magistrate. After the death of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh, his eldest son Raja Vishwa Nath Rikh used to live in satya Niwas Kothi till his death.

the sacred heart church

Father Romulus, O.F.M.CAP inspired Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh and Kunwar Sylvester Norbert Shiva Nath Rikh to build a church in keeping with their status. Hence a magnificent “Sacred Heart Church” was built on the bank of Karula river, which was blessed and opened by his Grace Dr. Charles Gentile, Archbishop of Agra, amidst a distinguished gathering and scenes of great enthusiasm and splendor. The huge Church now houses a Convent School, a home for the children of Leprosy patients, a Seminary, a dispensary and other buildings. The Sacred Heart Church was made on 18 November 1913. Six years later on January 8th, 1919, the two princely brothers” were made “Knights of the Grand Cross of St. Gregory the Great” – a very rare papal decoration – in recognition of their meritorious services to the catholic religion. the Church, which was nurtured by his adopted son, Fr. P S Sinha. He also recorded and maintained the history of the Church. Fr. P S Sinha died in 1959. The centenary celebrations of the church were held on 18 November 2013. Many family members from all branches took part in the celebrations

The achievements of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh were: –

a) He was Granted the title of Raja by British Government ON 7/12/1888 as a personal distinction, it was made hereditary on 1/01/1898.

b) He was awarded the Coveted Medal Kaiser-i-Hind on May 1900

c) He was made a Member of the Provincial Legislative Council in 1910.

d) He was honored by Vice Roy of India in 1911 to attend the grand Darbar at Delhi.

e) He was honorary Magistrate for the police circles of Chandpur, Bashta, Nurpur, Dhampur and Seohara.

f) He constructed Satya Niwas Kothi in Raja-Ka-Tajpur.

g) He and his younger brother Kunwar Sylvester Norbert Shiva Nath Rikh Constructed the Sacred Heart Church at Raja-Ka-Tajpur.

Siting from L to R: - Kr Tiny Rikh, Kr Vijai Rikh, Kr Verender Nath Rikh, Kr Prem Raj Singh of Seohara Estate

Sitting first row L to R: - Rani Bhawani Devi w/o Raja Gajender Nath Rikh, Rani Durga Rose Rikh w/o of Kr Hari Nath Rikh, Bar at Law, Rani Kitty Rikh who belonged to Lord family of Great Britain w/o of Kr Jaswant Rikh, Lolita D/O Kr Hari Nath Rikh

Standing L to R: - Rai Bahadur Rahu Raj Singh of Seohara Estate, Unknown, kr Narendra Nath Rikh, Kr Ranveer Singh of Garhi, Kr Rajeshwar Nath Rikh, Kr Gajpathi Rikh

Sitting L to R:- Kr Hector Rikh, Unknown, Kr Vikramjit Rikh s/o Victor Rikh (served in Indian Air force, he died while flying in Poona), Unknown, Unknown, Kr Tiny Rikh, Kr Vijai Rikh, Kr Virender Nath Rikh, Kr Prem Raj of Seohara Estate.

Sitting on Chair L to R:- Rani Molly Rikh, w/o Kr Birtie Rikh, Rani Lillian Mary, Colonel Gyan Chand Dubey ( Groom), Rk Monica (Bride) D/O Kr Victor Rikh, Rani Kuntala Rikh W/O Kr Victor Rikh, Rani Phool Kumari of Dhampur Estate, Rani Bhawani Devi w/o Raja Gajender Nath Rikh, Rani Durga Rose Rikh w/o of Kr Hari Nath Rikh, Bar at Law, Rani Kitty Rikh who belonged to Lord family of Great Britain w/o of Kr Jaswant Rikh, Lolita D/O Kr Hari Nath Rikh

Standing first row L to R: - 1 to 7 Unknown, Major John Wakefield Retd Manager of Raja Jasjit Singh Sahib, Raja Jasjit Singh Sahib, Brig Maha Singh Rikh, Kr Bertie Rikh S/O Kr Shiva Nath Rikh, Kr Padvender Rath Rikh, Kr Victor (Ashok) Rikh, Kr Hari Raj Singh of Seohara Estate married to Sister of Raja Jasjit Singh Sahib, Kr Jaswant Rikh S/o Raja Shiam Rikh, Unknown, Raja Vishwanath Rikh S/o Raja Shiam Rikh, Unknown, Kr Gajender Nath Rikh S/O Vishwanath Rikh, Rai Bahadur Rahu Raj Singh of Seohara Estate, Unknown, kr Narendra Nath Rikh, Kr Ranveer Singh of Garhi, Kr Rajeshwar Nath Rikh, Kr Gajpati Rikh

Last Row Standind l to R: - Unknown, Mr Arthur brother of John Wakefield, unknown, Dr Rajkumar Mishra, unknown, Unknown, Unknown, unknown, Mahender Nath Tyagi of Mujadpur. Unknown, unknown, Chaudhary Bhageshwar Nath Tyagi.

The Descendants’ Of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh from hindu Wife

raja vishwanath rikh

He was born on 26 August 1874. After the demise of his father Raja F.X. Shiam Rikh, he became the Raja of Line - 2 of the Tajpur Estate. Fr. Romulus rapidly gained the Raja F.X. Shiam Rikh’s confidence and met the entire family and specially the children. He befriended the eldest son being the next in succession. Father Romulus knew that Kunwar Vishwa Nath Rikh was good at photography, therefore, on the pretext of learning photography he came close to Kunwar Vishwanath Rikh. The pretext of photography that Fr. Romulus used did not work on Kunwar Vishwa Nath Rikh and he categorically refused for the conversion to Christianity and remained Hindu.

Raja Viahwanath Rikh had four sons; Kunwar Gajender Nath Rikh, Kunwar Narendra Nath Rikh, Kunwar Rajeshwar Nath Rikh, Kunwar Padvender Nath Rikh and Kunwar Vereshwar Nath Rikh, who died at the age of 22 years. Raja Vishwanath Rikh died in July 1947.

Kunwar Gajendra Nath Rikh

Kunwar Gajendra Nath Rikh (Tikka Sahib) was the eldest son of Raja Vishwanath Rikh, he became the Raja of Line - 2 of Tajpur Estate, District Bijnor, UP, after the death of his father in 1947. He lived in Ram Bagh Palace in Raja-Ka-Tajpur. After his death in 1952, his wife Rani Bhawani Rikh (Tikka Rani) inherited the property. They were issueless. She was daughter of Kunwar Gambhir Chand, who was the younger brother of Raja of Jubbal State in Himachal Pradesh. She was unconcerned about prestige and the heritage of the Tajpur family and sold out or donated the entire property in parts and left almost nothing for the future generation. She donated the old Mahal Sarai at Raja- Ka-Tajpur, District Bijnor, UP and opened a school in the name of her husband Raja Gajendra Nath Rikh. The school was named as RGNP (Raja Gajender Nath Public School) at Raja – Ka -Tajpur, district Bijnor, UP. It is now a Inter College and a Degree college; presently being run by a trust.

Rani Bhawani Devi initially adopted Kunwar Hemender Nath Rikh, son of Kunwar Narender Nath Rikh, but later on she disowned the adopted son. She squatted the entire property and died an inglorious death in 1964 and brought an end to the rich legacy of the ancestors of the Second line (Line - 2) of Tajpur Royal family, District Bijnor, UP.

Shri shri 108 shri swami krishan swaroop parmahansh

The members of the Tajpur Estate family worshiped Shri Shri 108 Shri Swami Krishan Swaroop Parmahansh, he possessed supernatural healing powers and he was a Gujjar by caste and belonged to village Dadri near Meerut on Meerut – Muzaffarnagar road. Even today there are lacs of followers spread over western Uttar Pradesh. He has 30 Ashrams in this area. The Devotees come from far off places to seek his blessings as the wishes of his devotees were always fulfilled. Raja Gajendranath Rikh (Tikka Sahib) and his wife Rani Bhawani Devi) Tikka Rani) of Tajpur Estate, Line – 2 were his devotees and they donated the land for constructing Ashram in Village Puvena, Raja-Ka_Tajpur. Every year even today, on Basant Panchmi thousands of devotees from far off villages visit the Ashram to seek blessings. The mantra they chant is Tatsath Hare Ram”.

Kunwar Narender Nath Rikh

Kunwar Narender Nath Rikh, was the second son of Raja Vishwanath Rikh. He married twice, with the first he was blessed with a son, Kunwar Hemender Nath Rikh. After the death of his first, he married, Rani Rajkumari. They were blessed with two children viz, Rajkumari Kusum Lata Rikh and Kunwar Vijai Rikh.

Kr Narender Nath Rikh had many qualities such as aptitude for mechanical engineering. During second World War, when there was shortage of Petrol, he developed a steam plant which could drive a bus or car. This device worked very well. But as the World War ended and Petrol was freely available, the device lost its utility and the project was abandoned. But this proved that he had a creative mind. He carried out the electrification of his palace with the help of Dynamos’.

He had flair for wild life shooting as well and used to spend hours in the jungle known as Boghpur, in District Bijnor, UP, along the River Ram Ganga, where wild life was in abundance and which was used as “Shikar Gaha” for recreation and hunting, especially for the clients the “Kumaon and Hunters Private Limited” who were from foreign countries and Senior Government officials including political leaders of India.

Once the notorious dacoit named Sultana Daku (Dacoit) came to meet him where he was camping and requested him not to visit Northern part. He accepted his request but with a condition that he would not indulge in dacoity in any village under Tajpur Estate, District Bijnor, UP. Surprisingly enough, being a very notorious dacoit of his times, he kept his word the till last and thus Kunwar Narender Nath Rikh saved his hundreds of rural subjects from the scourge of this cruel dacoit.

Kunwar Narendra Nath Rikh was a very accurate shooter. Hardly any bullet fired from his gun missed the target. There are several trophies to his credit as he shot several wild Bores, Hyena’s, Tigers, Deer’s, Panthers etc.

He had flair for cars as well and possessed Fords, Pontiac, Singer and occasionally went for long drives. He was fond of Urdu poetries and left behind several of them.

In 1913 his first wife died and he married for the second time, she a was a Tyagi girl from Vaira Ferozepur in district Bulandshahr, UP. Her name was Rani Rajkumari. She was a very dominating woman and gradually she took over all the affairs of the house in her hands. She gave birth to two children – Raj Kumari Kusum Rikh and Kunwar Vijai Rikh.

Rajkumari Kusum Rikh

Rajkumari Kusum Rikh was the eldest child of Kunwar Narender Nath Rikh and Rani Raj Kumari. In 1947 Rajkumari Kusum Rikh got married to Mr Sahdev Sharma, who belonged to a famous Tyagi family of Nehtaur. Rajkumari Kusum Rani Sharma was blessed with 3 children namely, --

a) Vinita Sharma

b) Rakesh Sharma

c) Sangita Sharma

rajkumari kusum rani sharma with mr sahdev sharma

Dr Rikh

Dr Rikh

Their second child of Kunwar Narender Nath Rikh is Kunwar Vijai Rikh (Dr Rikh), who graduated from Allahabad and Delhi Universities. He lived in Raja-Ka-Tajpur in Old Mahal Sarai (Part of Tajpur Fort) along with his family members till 1974. The fort which was magnificently built by Ram Kishen Sahib in 1854. In 1974 he along with his family members shifted to Delhi. From Delhi he qualified in Allopathic and Ayurvedic systems of medicines known as B.I.M.S (Bachelor of Integrated Medicine and Surgery) from Delhi university.

After completing the course, he started private practice as a Dermatologist and Sexologist in new Delhi. In a short time, he became very popular and patients started coming even from far off places.

He during his graduation period in 1955 from Allahabad University fell in love with Miss Kusum Bhargava daughter of Mr AN Bhargava who was working as a senior manager in Imperial Bank of India (SBI of India), Allahabad. Miss Kusum Bhargava completed her graduation from the same university at Allahabad, UP. She also qualified in homeopathic Medical Science.

Dr Rikh is a versatile writer and a voracious reader and highly experienced in sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted diseases. He has qualified in Allopathic as well as Ayurveda systems of medicine and hence his knowledge of modern system of medicine combined with ancient art of healing, places him at a very unique place. He is well known figure in the medical world and as a sex therapist “Par Excellence”. People from every walk of life come to him for counselling and under his guidance and therapeutic advice young men with different sexual afflictions get a new lease of life.His website is www.indiansexologist.in

Dr Rikh also has a flair for writing and has authored 14 medical books. He is a versatile writer and a voracious reader and highly experienced in sexual disorders. He is a well-known figure in the medical world. People from every walk of life come to him for counselling and treatment. His website www.indiansexologist.in is very popular. He also practiced in Canada and lived there for four years and obtained the permanent residential certificate from the Canadian Government, nowadays he has resumed his medical practice on line from Noida, UP. His patients from Canada still take consultation on line. The most popular books authored by Dr Rikh are: -

a) Encyclopedia of Medicine and Surgery.

b) Sexual disability and its Treatment.

c) A Book of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

d) Injection Therapy.

e) Modern Diagnosis and Treatment.

f) Male Sexual disorders and their Treatment.

The books translated by him (from English to Hindi) are: -

a) Medical Instruments.

b) First Aid.

c) Food & Nutrition.

d) Churchill Livingstone’s Pocket Medical Dictionary.

e) Hand Book of Prevention and social Medicine

Dr Rikh is also a member of International Medial Society of India and the member of the Royal Medical Society, UK. He is a very kind hearted and God-fearing person. It was with his efforts that the history of The Tajpur family could be retrieved and compiled in the form of this web site along with Colonel Sandeep Sharma who is married to Rajkumari Anusuya Singh, Daughter of Raja Satenderjit Singh Sahib, of Tajpur Estate.

rani kusum rikh

rani kusum rikh

Kunwar (Dr) Vijai Rikh married, Rani Kusum Rikh in 1955. She completed her Homeopathy medical course and started practicing in Delhi. As a doctor she was very popular and successful. She proved a very ideal wife and bore four children namely Kunwar Rajiv Rikh, Rajkumari, Rima Rikh, Kunwar Sanjiv Rikh and Raj Kumari Rita Rikh. She was a very caring, devoted and affectionate mother. She is very devoted and attached to her husband and is very concerned about his health.

kunwar rajiv rikh

The eldest son of Kunwar (Dr) Vijai Rikh and Rani Kusum Rikh, was born in 1957 in Delhi. Kunwar Rajiv was very obedient and accommodating child and bears a very amicable nature. After completing his graduation from Delhi University, he passed the UPSC competition and he took a job in Ministry of Defence in Army Headquarters’, Delhi. He retired in May 2019 as” Director” after serving for 30 years in the Ministry of Defence

In 1986 he married Miss Saroj Bala, who at present working as Under Secretary, in Parliament, New Delhi. They are blessed with two children, daughter Rajkumari Pallavi Rikh, who got married to Mr Vibhu Vats in 2017 and they are blessed with daughter, Rajkumari Mahi Vats. She and Mr Vibhu Vats at present are working in United States.

Second child to Kunwar Rajiv is Kunwar Mayank Rikh, who is very intelligent and has outstandingly dashing personality. After completing engineering, he is currently employed in an MNC in New Delhi. Soon he is immigrating to United Kingdom

kunwar rajiv rikh and rani saroj rikh

rajkumari Rima and her daughter rajkumari abhilasha

Rajkumari Rima Rikh

Raj Kumari Rima Rikh was born in 1959 in New Delhi. She is very friendly in nature and never fails to help people close to her. She got married to Thakur Gulzar Singh in 1985 and she is currently working in the education department in New Delhi.

Her husband Thakur Gulzar Singh is a businessman in Delhi. They are blessed with two children Kunwar Abhishek Thakur and Rajkumari Abhilasha Thakur. Both children are respectful and obedient. Rajkumari Abhilasha is very studious, hard working girl with a strong determination nature. she completed her Post Graduation from AMITY University, located in Noida and is working with a United States based MNC company. Kunwar Abhishek Thakur is also working as a Manager in an MNC in New Delhi.

kunwar Sanjiv rikh

Kunwar Sanjiv Rikh, was born in 1970, and has many qualities which took him to great heights. He is very intellectual, inquisitive social, determined and debonair. He has completed double graduation in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Software Engineering from Delhi University and NIIT respectively. During his study period he also achieved few Diploma certificates. He is an American citizen and living there from last 23 years. He is working with one of the top and prestigious multinational company, he holds one of the prestigious post of “Software Architect “in UPS, Company. At present he is living in New Jersey, US. He is married to Mrs Pratibha, she is a very studious and talented and completed her MCA degree from Delhi University. She is an executive in Rolls Royce Company in Saint Louise, US and they have a son Kunwar Cyril Rikh..

kunwar Sanjiv rikh

rajkumari rita rikh with rani kusum and kunwar vijai rikh

Rajkumari Rita Rikh

The youngest daughter Raj Kumari Rita Rikh born on 5th September 1971. She holds an outstanding personality and extrovert by nature, she is astounding, assertive, benevolent, self-reliant, considerate, exuberant and tender hearted.

In India, she worked for 12 years in Microbiology department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and later on merit basis, she immigrated to Canada all by herself, where she studied for 2 years in her technical field. She then appeared in a very difficult examination for obtaining license to be able to work in Canada known as “Canadian Society of Medical Science” examination and soon after qualifying “CSMLS” she was offered a job in a Dawson Creek’s District Government Hospital located in Province “British Columbia”.

During her hardship time, she became a proud “Canadian Citizen”. She was also honored by Canadian Government by filming a documentary on her achievements as an immigrant. In 2017, she returned to Noida, India to look after her elderly parent’s as she is very fond of them, ready to die for them and is always concerned for their health.

She is being called a “Diamond” by her parents as she is sparkling in their lives and her shine never fades. She subsequently started her own venture and opened a Diagnostic After coming back to India.

She narrates, when she was a child, she dreamt of opening a Diagnostic laboratory or a hospital in the name of her dad. she added, starting her Own diagnostic canter is a Great Achievement as it’s a “CHILDHOOD DREAM COME TRUE”.

Within a short duration Rikh PathLab Pvt. Ltd. became a well-known name in Delhi and NCR and opened several franchisees serving few cities near Noida such as Bijnor, Bareilly, Saharanpur, Panipat, Gurugram to name a few.

She thinks that all what she has achieved today is because the blessings of her parents and all those she ever tried to help.

kunwar rajeshwar nath rikh

He is the third son of Raja Vishvanath Rikh. He was a very good Hockey player and was one of the members of the legend Major Dhyan Chand’s hockey team. After completing his education, he settled down in Raja- Ka- Tajpur, District Bijnor, UP. He had two daughters, Rajkumari Prem Lata Rikh and Rajkumari Chander Lata Rikh.

kunwar rajeshwar nath rikh

rajkumari prem lata

She was married to Dr Nipendra Singh Tyagi of Nihtaur.

rajkumari chander lata (chandra) rikh

Rajkumari Chander Lata (Chandra), was a very brilliant girl and was married to Mr Kul Bhushan Ji, he was in true sense a perfect gentleman and people still admire him and his qualities. He had three children. The first was a son, Kunwar Dikki (his nick name) who unfortunately died in a car accident. The second and third are daughters Namely, Rajkumari Kalpana Bhushan, married to Mr Ashok Takyar and Rajkumari Suparna Bhushan married to Mr Sudhir Sood. Both are talented Dancers and running their dance schools in Noida. Their husbands are very successful in their fields. Mr Ashok Takyar is a reputed advocate and Mr Sudhir Sood is a very successful industrialist.

kunwar padvender nath rikh

He was married in Nehtaur family and had a son Kunwar Virendra Nath Rikh, who from very beginning was very studious, and got admission in the university of Roorkee University and came out as an electrical engineer and started his carrier as SDO. Gradually he became chief engineer of UP. Soon he was appointed as the Chairman of Hydel Department of UP. After retirement he joined as The Chairman of UP Public service commission. After a while he became adviser to government of Tanzania.

kunwar visheshwar nath rikh

Kunwar Visheshwar Nath Rikh was the youngest son of Raja Viahwa Nath Rikh. He died pre maturely at the age of 22 years due prolonged illness.

kunwar triloki nath rikh

He was the second son of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh. He had one son, Kunwar Gajapthi Rikh, who was very social person and was very popular amongst the masses. He used to organize Tajpur Ram Lila’s. He once went to Bombay to make Hindi films, there he fell ill and died in 1956 at Bombay in Lilavati hospital. He had one son and five daughters. His son was Kunwar Raghupati Rikh (Bhuru Raja) and daughters were Rajkumari Indra Rikh who was married to Kunwar Hari Singh Hirdesh, he was a judge in Jammu & Kashmir High court, he was from Royal family of Jammu, Rajkumari Usha Rikh was married to Mr Baljit Singh Tyagi, Rajkumari Asha Rikh was married to Kunwar Gajender Singh of Bilaspur Estate, Rajkumari Pushpa Rikh was married to Mr Shyam, and Anuradha Rikh was married to Shri Devender Singh

Kunwar raghupati rikh (bhuru raja)

Kunwar Raghupati Rikh (Bhuru Raja), studied in the Parkers College Moradabad, UP. Kunwar Raghupati Rikh was very social and popular amongst the local people of Tajpur and was close to people. He used to be present and share the grief of the common people. He was always cheerful and was fond of songs. He was very closely attached to his brothers of Line 1 staying in Bijai Niwas Palace and Mahal Sarai. He was married to Kunwar Rani Yashoda. They were blessed with a son Kunwar Vikaspati Rikh, who was married to Kunwar Rani Babita. They were blessed with two sons, the elder son Kunwar Akashpati Rikh, who has completed MCA from Dehradun and present he has his own business and the younger son Kunwar Harsh is studying. Kunwar Vikaspati Rikh died at the age of 47 years due to illness. His wife and children are staying in old Tajpur Fort in Tajpur Town.

kunwar jaswant rikh

He was the second third son of Raja Shiam Rikh. He was sent to England at a very young age for education. He married a British lady known as Rani Kitty. His father in law was a Lord and had very extensive property in London and as she was the only child, She and Kunwar Jaswant Rikh inherited the entire property in UK. Kunwar Jaswant Rikh and his wife Rani Kitty used to visit India once in a year to meet his family members, they died issueless.

kunwar madho rikh [ cyril rikh]

He was the fourth son of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh. He was also known as Cyril Rikh. He was issue less.

The Descendants Of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh from Christian Wife

The children of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh from his Christian wife Rani Margret Mary They adopted Christianity; they had following children: -

kunwar shyam mahender rikh

He was holding the post of Air-commodore in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bengaluru. He died on 4/03/1969 and left behind his wife Rani Mona Akhtar and 6 children namely Rony Rikh, Ranjit Rikh, Shyamini Rikh, Gussy Rikh, Leela Rikh and Indra Rikh.

rajkumari luci rikh

She was blessed with Rajkumari Nalini D. Bellagio, who stays in France. Recently she had done a remarkable job by bring her grandfather and grandmother remains [Nana and Nani] from a Bengaluru, Karnataka to Tajpur Church, District Bijnor, UP to commemorate 100 years of the Sacred Heart Church, Raja – Ka - Tajpur, District Bijnor, UP in the year 2013. It was a grand event all members of Tajpur family attended the auspicious ceremony.

rajkumari dorothy rikh

She married a Muslim and hence re-named as Nishat Ahmed. Born on 24.05.1924. She died on 26.081952 in Khewra, Pakistan. Her husband was Wing Commander in Pakistan Air Force. They had one issue.

rajkumari mary mathias rikh

Rajkumari Mary Mathias was born on 21 Feburary 1906. She held a very high post as Deputy Controller of Prime Minister’s household in Rashtrapati Bhavan, during her tenure in office, Dr Radha Krishnan was the President of India. She died on 31 July 1988, her grave is located in the premises of The Sacred Heart Church, Raja-Ka-Tajpur, District Bijnor,UP.

grave of rajkumari mary mathias rikh at
the sacred heart church raja-ka-tajpur

grave of fr PS sinha

father PS sinha (adopted son)

Father PS Sinha, was the adopted son of Raja Francis Xavier Shiam Rikh. He had one son, Mr. Sebastian Vaz, whose son was Mr. John Vaz, who presently lives in Lucknow. Father PS Sinha after his death was buried in the premises of the Sacred Heart Church at Raja – Ka - Tajpur Church, District Bijnor, UP.