list of tajpur state family members who served/ serving
the armed forces

1. Raj Kumar Randheer Singh: - Served in the British Royal Army for a few years and got Honorary Commission. During this period, he fought the Boars War in Africa. His services were appreciated by the Queen Victoria.

2. Raj Kumar Jaipal Rikh Rikh : - He was listed in the public-school corps in September 1914 and was given Honorary Commission in the English Army. He was the Liaison Officer for the Indian Army in 1915 Great War. On his return to India he was appointed as Superintendent of police.

3. Major Kr. A S Rikh: - Fought in World War II.

4. Captain Kr. Ranjit Rikh: - Served in the Rajputana Rifles. He died in Imphal.

5. Flying Officer Kr. Vikramjit Rikh: - Served in I A F, was killed in a flying accident near Poona, Maharashtra, India.

6. Captain Kr. B S Rikh: - He was gazetted to the 10th DCC Lancers. He was from the first lot to get commissioned from Indore and for four years he served in Burma War.

7. Air Commodore S M Rikh: - Joined RAF in England and was transferred to India and thereafter he served in IAF. His last posting was in HAL Bangalore.

8. Raj Kumar V A Rikh:- He served in the 4th Garhwal Rifles. He also served in Waristan. He entered the first Military School at Indor in 1918-19.

9. Maj M Mansukani:- He was married to Rajkumari Lolita Rikh, daughter of Kunwar Hari Nath Rikh.

10. Brigadier Maha Singh Rikh: - He was commissioned to 2nd Rajput Regiment. He fought the 1962 war against China. He served as a Brigade Commander and also as a Sub Area Commander.

11. Brigadier C Dubey: - He was married to Rajkumari Monika Rikh, daughter of Kunwar Ashok Victor Rikh. He served in the Indian Army as an Officer.

12. Kr. D S Rikh: - Saw active service in Iraq.

13. Kr. I J Rikh: - Lived in England and was given Commission in the flying Corps and later on was invalided out due to a crash.

14. Captain Loy Rikh: - He served as Intelligence Officer in Italy.

15. Captain Theo Rikh: - He was killed in action.

16.Sergeant Patristic Rikh: - He served in the RAF.

17. Captain Rollo Rikh: - He served in RIF.

18. Major Amit Sharma, SM: - He was commissioned to the Deccan Horse (9 Horse) in December 1989. He laid down his life fighting Terrorists in Poonch (Jammu & Kashmir). For his bravery he was awarded with a Gallantry award, “Sena Medal” on 26 January 2005. He died on 13 March 2004. He was married to Raj Kumari Archi Singh, the elder daughter of Raja Satendrajit Singh.

19. Col Sandeep Sharma: - He was commissioned in the ASC in December 1990 and is still serving in the Indian Army. He was married to Raj Kumari Anusuya Singh, the younger daughter of Raja Satendrajit Singh