Dr Rikh, the eldest surviving member of Tajpur Estate, Line 2 and Colonel Sandeep Sharma, married to Rajkumari Anusuya Singh, daughter of late Raja Satenderjit Singh Sahib of Line 1 of Tajpur Estate, once thought, why, as members of royal family of Tajpur which has a glorious history, should not have a website of its own like most the other illustrious Royal families of the country. Colonel Sandeep Sharma took it as a challenge.

In designing of this website, Colonel Sandeep Sharma played the pivotal role. He started compiling the data pertaining to the Tajpur Estate since 2004. It took him 15 years to compile. I am very sure and convinced that without his initiative, dedication and devotion this work would not have been possible.

He thereafter at Allahabad where he was posted in 2004, started engaging a number of people to search and study the old district Gazetteers of British period and other relevant records from the UP-State Government printing press at Allahabad. He also got in touch with other surviving members of Tajpur family and the people who were associated with the Tajpur Estate. His persistent efforts bore fruits. He arranged all the data in chronological order from emperor Akbar to present day. The complete data is authentic and revealing.

In his efforts, he was supported by Raja Shailendrjit Singh, the present Raja of Line-1 of Tajpur Estate.

As senior most surviving member of all three branches, I hereby extend my compliments and blessings for the commendable work done by Colonel Sandeep Sharma. I am very sure this website will enable the future generations of Tajpur family to know about their glorious past. I would also like extend my heartfelt blessings to Colonel Sandeep Sharma for the selfless devotion and dedication to the family.

With Best Compliments from Dr Vijai Rikh